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Mission and policies

Journal «Computational Mathematics and Information Technologies» contains high quality and original papers written in English as well as in Russian and translated in English. The journal publishes articles at the forefront of development of numerical methods, mathematical models, information technologies with the potential for impact across the sciences, industrial applications and construction of parallel codes and building information technologies for supercomputers. The main topics of journal are modern mathematical models and computational methods for the problems in applied and industrial mathematics, continue media mechanics, hydro-aerodynamics, Earth and life sciences, materials science, chemistry, social sciences and economics, image processing, theory and applications of parallel computations, including information technologies for big data processing. 

Related subjects: Artificial Intelligence - Computational Science & Engineering, Mathematical models & Computer Simulations.

The editorial policy of the journal is based on the conventional ethical principles of the Russian scientific periodicals, it follows the code of publication ethics, stated by the Committee on Publication Ethics (Russia, Moscow), and is formed in recognition of the ethical norms of the editors and publishers’ activities enshrined in the (Code of conduct and best practice guidelines for journal editors) and in (Сode conduct for journal publishers), worked out by the — Commitee on publication ethics (COPE).

Publication Ethics

The editorial board of the Computational Mathematics and Information Technologies journal abides the ethical standards adopted by the international scientific and university communities and does the best to prevent any violation of these norms. This statement is based on the recommendations and standards developed by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) and includes the duties of authors, reviewers, members of the editorial board, and the editor-in-chief.


 Work Originality

 On submitting the manuscript to the Computational Mathematics and Information Technologies journal, its author or authors should ensure that it is their own original manuscript and that it has never been published anywhere before, and is not currently being prepared for publication.

 Acknowledgment of Original Sources

 Authors should ensure that they appropriately refer to the publications that are used by them or are relevant to the paper provided, including their own previously published articles and research materials.

 Competitive Interests

All authors agree to submit the manuscript for publication and are obliged to clear up any potential conflict of interest under the presentation of the manuscript, if available - professional or financial - it can be interpreted as affecting the results of the evaluation of their manuscript.

Manuscript Authorship

Authorship should be limited to those persons who have made a significant contribution to the concept, planning, implementation or interpretation of the described study. All persons who have made a significant contribution should be listed as co-authors. If a person has participated in an essential part of the project, then the authors should express appreciation to him, or he should be listed as the person who has made a substantial contribution to this study. The author undertakes to indicate all collaborators who meet these requirements and do not specify co-authors who do not meet these requirements, and also to ensure that the final paper version and its submission for publication have been approved by all co-authors. 

Error Correction

If the author finds a significant error or inaccuracy in his published work, he is obliged to inform the editor of the journal or publisher about it, and to cooperate with the editor in order to correct the error and publish the correction or publish a retraction on the erroneous results.


Information Protection Policy

Confidential information or ideas, methods, results, that are new and collected by the reviewers from the accepted manuscript are not subject to disclosure and use for personal purposes. Any manuscript received for review should be treated as a confidential document. Works are not subject to demonstration or discussion with other persons, except for persons authorized by editor-in-chief of the Computational Mathematics and Information Technologies journal.

Objectivity Standards

Reviews should be objective. Personal criticism of the author is unacceptable. Reviewers are obliged to clearly express their opinion and support it with appropriate arguments.

Manuscript Evaluation

Reviewers should identify significant published works that are relevant to the subject of the manuscript under consideration and not included in the reference list of the manuscript, and denote those fragments of the manuscript in which there are no references to the original sources. Reviewers should pay editor-in-chief’s attention to revealing a significant similarity or coincidence of the manuscript in question and any other published work known to the reviewers. They are obliged also to inform the editor of any doubts that arise with regard to the ethical acceptability of the study and its results stated in the manuscript.

Duty Performance

It is assumed that reviewers who accept manuscripts for examination will be able to submit their work results in six weeks. They should exclude themselves from the process of reviewing the manuscript if at any stage of their work they come to the conclusion that there is a significant shortage or lack of competence on the subject of the manuscript. Besides, reviewers should not participate in the consideration of manuscripts in the event of conflicts of interest (for example, due to competitive, joint and other interactions and relations with any of the authors, companies or other organizations associated with the work submitted).



Editor-in-chief of the Computational Mathematics and Information Technologies journal is responsible for deciding which of the papers submitted should be published relying upon the opinion of reviewers and the recommendations of the editorial board members. To this end, he can consult other members of the editorial board or reviewers, and in case of absence of a specific decision on the manuscript - use the mechanism of the additional manuscript review. Decision-making on the rejection, the necessity to finalize the manuscript or its admission to publication should be a transparent and objective procedure.


Editor-in-chief and the editorial board members should evaluate the manuscripts according to their intellectual content, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, ethnic origin, citizenship, or political preferences of the authors.


Editor-in-chief should not disclose information on the submitted manuscript to anyone else, except for the author, reviewers, potential reviewers, the editorial board members, and the publisher. Besides, editor-in-chief should make every effort to ensure the anonymity of the review, i.e. he should not tell the authors the names of the reviewers of the manuscript, and he should strive for the same from the reviewers and the editorial board members.

Publishing Information

Founder and Publisher: Don State Technical University.

Address of the editorial office: 344000, Rostov-on-Don, pl. Gagarin, 1.

The magazine is published since 2017. Issued 2 times a year.

Territory of distribution: Russian Federation and foreign countries

Certificate of registration of the media with the mass information EL № FS 77 - 66529 of 21.07. 2016